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Curioso is an assemblage of architects, interior designers, artists and business-minded thinkers (and tinkerers) working in unison to design meaningful experiences for humans. Based in Chicago, we help companies around the world to create unique brand experiences and reinvent existing ones. We help our clients tackle ambitious design and innovation challenges; the kind of things you don’t know how to face but can’t afford not to. We understand that the secret to doing this is not simply having the great ideas or the creative vision it is about having the right people at the table and working in a highly flexible and collaborative manner to get things done.

Our work ranges from the physical, to the digital, to the emotional— yet the objective remains constant; to create memorable and meaningful experiences with the power to transform. Simply stated, we aim to work on projects that are as much felt as they are seen.

From this foundation we have built a portfolio that represents a group of self-starters, first adopters and general ball-busters whose business vary but have perpetuated our guiding sentiment of “service by design” in every facet of their business. By trusting us to help realize beyond their initial aspirations, we aim to redefined the perceived limits of what means to be hospitable.  We design to create experiences that make people’s lives better. Good design puts people first.