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Kaitlyn Thornton

Kaitlyn Thornton is in the business of storytelling at global design agency, Yabu Pushelberg, blending narrative with strategic operations. With a unique ability to passionately convey creative details while maintaining vision of overall project execution, as the Director of the New York Studio and Director of Brand Strategy, Kaitlyn moves the agency forward with a well-rounded mindfulness that has evolved Yabu Pushelberg from a practice rooted in interior design into a full-fledged creative agency spanning seven creative practices.

Spearheading Yabu Pushelberg’s Brand Strategy department, Kaitlyn architects the agency’s overarching character, strategically securing new business whilst crafting the internal and external language used to convey the studio’s evolving outlook. Working through each touchpoint of project experience, Kaitlyn ensures the studio moves beyond design into the realm of holistic memory makers, drawing from her roots in film and philosophy to conceive of design as a language that can build community and spark purpose. Kaitlyn tells the story of Yabu Pushelberg with a layered narrative that speaks to the unique intention behind each of the studio’s projects.

Prior to joining Yabu Pushelberg, Kaitlyn managed development at Avroko and has dedicated her expertise to a number of notable hospitality design firms. Completing a Master of Arts in Cinema at New York University, Kaitlyn went on to Harvard University to pursue Legal Studies.