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Kelly Ogden

An award winning Interior Designer specializing in all manners of hospitality, spa, retail, and custom residential design, Kelly has pushed the boundaries of thoughtful and progressive space. She holds a bachelors of science degree in interior architecture and design with a focus in art history.

In 2010, Kelly co-founded Portland-based design firm, ELK Collective where she has spearheaded projects ranging from large scale renovations, and the launching of new brands, to art installations for events. The Multnomah Whiskey Library, a project completed in 2014 received national attention and holds its rank as a one of a kind experience in Portland, Oregon

In addition to her work at ELK, Kelly is the consulting design director for Hampshire Hotels Management, driving the interior concepts for the company’s burgeoning lifestyle segment. She previously worked as director of design for the award winning agency Architropolis, bringing projects such as the Dream Hotel, South Beach, in Miami, Florida to fruition.

Having the experience of working on both sides of the coin, Kelly has had the pleasure of collaborating with talented artists and craftsmen on project teams assembled from around the globe. An avid traveler with a truly global perspective, Kelly is always in search of new materials and methods in order to expand the possibilities of her work. She strives to guide the aesthetic direction towards a larger vision fueled by ingenuity and mindful intention.