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Sabine Vessnow

As Sydell Group’s Director, Development-Sourcing, Sabine drives the creative vision and design collaborations from concept to execution- currently on an adrenaline kick opening up 4 hotels in 2017.
15 years of design driven hospitality development began at Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants during their largest expansion. As their Design Director she spearheaded planning and creative direction for more than 40 lifestyle hotels. Sabine worked with AJ Capital Partners launching their Graduates Hotels- brand inception, FFE development, implementation, and execution.
Sabine’s aesthetic and style is informed by growing up in Sweden; living in Japan & India; traveling, eating and shopping all around the world. Sweden’s form and function, Japan’s minimalism and quality of materials, India’s colors and textures- all create her palate.

Sabine is crazy about exploring life with her 6-year-old daughter; travel; museum visits (especially the shops and restaurants); cafes; fashion; Bar Method; Marin Headland hikes; travel magazines (addicted); condiments; the color green.