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Stacy Elliston

Studio 11 Design partner Stacy Elliston has been transforming hotel owner’s interior design dreams into reality for the past 17 years. Stacy has honed her client-focused design philosophy by actively listening to what clients desire for their spaces. She is committed to keeping owners keenly involved in design, budget and schedule planning as well as harboring a creative freedom for the designers within the firm.

Stacy got her start in interiors at the Art Institute of Dallas, where she graduated with honors and earned her degree in Interior Design. From there, she began to develop her client focused philosophy by working in all aspects of design and project management. From initial concept design and budget management to purchasing, brand correspondence and installation, she realized the importance of client-to-designer relationships, an insight that she has ingrained into her design process.

After graduation, Stacy began building her portfolio with a major firm and shaping her design aesthetic. She has worked around the globe, helping with the design of the Al Bateen Palace & Villas and the Burj Al Arab in the in the United Arab Emirates along with the Four Seasons in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. She has seen the Beau Rivage Hotel & Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi, through conception, design and execution and again worked with the venerable hotel after Hurricane Katrina forced major renovations. With her beginnings as a resource librarian, she realized early on her interest and passion for the resource and sourcing portion of the business. She continues to look for and be inspired by the ever-evolving sources used for design projects.

As co-creator at Studio 11 Design, Stacy has truly implemented her client-focused attitude along with her passion of mentoring the designers that work with her into the firm’s foundation. She is dedicated to creating honest and communicative relationships with clients, a tenet that gives the company its unique and boutique feel.