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EPIC MIAMIOCT 25-26, 2023


Frank is an ambitious, award-winning, full service architecture and interior design firm with offices located in downtown Calgary and Banff, Alberta, Canada. Established in 2009 and led by experienced directors Kate Allen, Kelly Morrison, and Kristen Lien; our team of registered architects, interior designers and technical experts have successfully completed over 100 projects across Canada. With bold leadership, we strive to avoid trends, clichés, and spectacle, and instead focus on creating spaces that are honest to the design narrative while meeting the practical needs of the client. Frank’s portfolio includes large scale projects that enhance the urban landscape, residential design that bring aesthetics and function together to enhance day-to-day life, and hospitality projects that provide authentic experiences and have become landmarks in their cities.

Kelly Morrison:
As founding partner at Frank, Kelly Morrison’s integrity, dedication and strength in character are the backbone of the company, and the basis for Frank’s valued client relationships. Morrison is a visionary, and is relentless in her pursuit of elegant, timeless design. Her innate sense of style makes her an intuitive designer, challenging others to ‘think big’. Morrison is thorough and enjoys a hands on project approach, ensuring the end result is beautiful, considered, and carefully crafted.

Kelly received her bachelor of arts and her masters in architecture at the University of Calgary. Kelly’s talents and abilities in architecture come from years of experience in hospitality design. With a love for detail, and a keen sense for the newest movements in design, Kelly continues to turn out projects that leave a lasting impression.

Kate Allen:
As a principal at Frank, Kate Allen’s talents and abilities in architecture come from years of experience both locally, and internationally. Allen believes that great design is transformative, and is passionate about creating meaningful experiences that stick with people. She values uniqueness, beauty and conviction, and strives to achieve these qualities in her work. Although Allen has a strong personal drive for design, she is a people person, and thrives on bringing a client’s vision to life.

Allen received her bachelor of fine arts and her masters in Architecture at the University of Calgary. Bringing a creative edge, Allen draws on her arts background to create a unique conceptual process specific to each project.

Kristen Lien:
As a principal at Frank, Kristen Lien marries artistic thinking with hard-lined technical solutions. Lien believes that great design brings real, tangible value to her client’s business, and is excited at any opportunity to bring a vision to life. With high design standards and a meticulous attention to detail, Lien encourages collaboration, making sure every person on the team is engaged and bringing something unique to the experience. Lien is continuously seeking the opportunity to learn something new, and the diversity of design projects at Frank allows her to pursue this passion daily.

Lien received her Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies and her Masters in Architecture at the University of Calgary. Lien is actively involved within the profession and at the University, acting as an advisor and mentor to young women pursing professional registration in various provinces across Canada.